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From my experience with dealing with sellers of used & rebuilt PCB assembly and Surface Mount Assembly (SMT) equipment I have found only a few to be reputable. 

Below is a list of the top places to choose when buying used or rebuilt equipment.  Though they might not have everything they have always been a reputable source and I would recommend these companies to anyone whose in the industry.


# Company Name Contact Name Description Link
1 Lewis & Clark Melissa Bergeron or Frank Clark Lewis & Clark offers everything SMT including test equipment.
2 Thinking Productivity Dan Despsoito Thinking Productivity also offers a broad range of used SMT equipment.
3 Precision Placement Machines Thomas Nisbet PPM, Inc. is the new Quad/Tyco.  They also specialize in MPM, Heller, Camalot, and Mirae.
4 Alandra Services Glenn Seeley Everything SMT, specializes in wave solders.
5 EAS, Inc. Matt Grimes Everything SMT and Thru-Hole, many Universal machines available.
6 IBE Equipment Jared Garver Everything SMT. Many late model machines available.
7 The CSI Company Dan Schwendeman Used to be with GE and now with CSI, excellent to do business with.
8 Worldwide Equipment Brokers Doug Philbrick Doug has been around forever.  W.E.B. does everything SMT but specializes in Siemens.
9 Petlock, Inc. Bill Petlock Everything SMT. Bill is a stand-up, honest guy
10 Voyager Equipment Robin Humphrey Dealer of quality used SMT equipment.


That concludes my list,  I will keep this anonymous.  Anybody who has done business with these 10 companies will tell you the same that I have told you here. 

Find Pick & Place, Screen Printers, Glue Dispensers, Reflow Ovens, Wave Solders, Automated Thru-Hole (TH), Washes, and Test (ATE) via my list of top 10 SMT Equipment Dealers.